Finding The Perfect Scarborough Hotel

Scarborough is one of the UK's most popular seaside resorts. As well as all the usual amusement arcades, fish and chip shops, beaches and promenade, it boasts a truly dramatic setting, and a castle that offers great views over the coast and the town. There are dozens of scarborough hotels in all price ranges and the town is home to what was once considered one of the UK's most luxurious seaside hotels. 

Choosing a hotel is often based on budget, and by staying away from the promenade, you can save money. However, amenities are important too when it comes to choosing the ideal Scarborough hotel, and it often comes to a balance between cost and amenities. Some to consider are en-suite facilities, free Wi-fi, and breakfast that's included in the nightly or weekly price. If you're visiting with your family and staying for a fortnight, a full cooked breakfast every morning included in the price saves a lot of money. Parking can be a challenge, especially during the height of summer or on bank holidays, and free hotel parking is an important factor if you're driving to Scarborough. 

The UK's star system for hotels has been in effect for over a century, and still provides an accurate idea of the amenities and faculties that a hotel provides. However, the star system doesn't really give you an idea of service or overall quality, so browsing reviews from previous customers posted online is still recommended. Many smaller Scarborough hotels rely heavily on repeat holiday bookings or word of mouth recommendations, and many smaller establishments pride themselves on more personal service. If you're on holiday with your family, staying in a family friendly property is important, and of course, not all places welcome pets if you're taking yours. 

Location is important too. If you're visiting with the kids, you may want to stay in one of the Scarborough hotels within easy reach of one of the beaches and all the associated attractions. Scarborough's old town is a little quieter, and the castle and Royal Albert Park are both within easy reach if you stay here. Although most people visit the town for a holiday, if you're travelling for a meeting, staying within easy reach of the meeting venue probably makes sense. And a hotel that offers more amenities for the business traveller, such as a business centre, is probably preferable. Scarborough also has several country hotels, in secluded and quiet settings, that are ideal for a romantic weekend break.

Scarborough can be packed during the summer, and staying off season can potentially save you money. It's also worth comparing different hotel booking sites when comparing rates at Scarborough hotels, and sometimes booking directly with the hotel will get you the lowest rate. If you're staying in a chain hotel, ask for any applicable discounts, or sign up for the hotel's frequent guest programme. Regardless of where you stay in Scarborough, it's easy to see why this North Yorkshire resort attracts millions of holidaymakers every year.